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Black Lives MATTER

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Our original second article update for the month of May was meant to be on intersectional environmentalism along with a compilation of resources. However, the current state of our country has made us at Tierratletix realize that we first and foremost need to address the topics of RACISM and Privilege. Thus, in this late article update, we want to shed a light on the current black lives movement.

As a health and wellness company we focus on helping others fulfill their psychological and physical needs. If we base ourselves off Maslow’s hierarchy of needs our mission is for everyone to be able to reach the top level of self-fulfillment… yet, for our black brothers and sisters their basic needs are not met.

They cannot do any of the following without being at risk:

Privilege is real and it takes a while to acknowledge it. WE NEED to take a minute and step outside our own experiences. WE understand that racism is a difficult and painful topic and being bombarded by news and resources can take a toll on mental health. Thus we have compiled as many resources and information we have found available to make informing yourself easier. Click here to access the link. We will be updating it as we see and find more resource.


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