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Tierratletix Clothing Cycle


Everything we do at Tierratletix , we do with mamá tierra in mind. In terms of our clothing, this means not falling into the fast-fashion consumer mentality.

Our clothing revolution :


In order to fully avoid fast fashion we have opted to follow the circular economy model. Put very simply it’s the idea of taking, recycling and reusing a step further by applying it into our consumer life. The key steps being re-use, repair, recycle and re-designing.

At Tierratletix,this means that every single clothing item you purchase will have multiple lives. 

Image by James Lee


We begin in the recycling stage by taking a part used clothing and then combining it with bamboo threads in order to re-design it as a new athletic apparel item.

Step 1

Top view of two girls making a pattern o


Customers return their clothing to be “repaired” when they no longer want it , want something new, or their clothing needs to be modified to body changes. 

Step 2

Image by Michael Longmire

Save Money

Customers only pay for the repair/modification of the clothing, in other words the “new parts” that need fixing when they order a new clothing item

Step 3

For Tierratletix , the repairing step is crucial and goes beyond mending clothing, it involves re-designing and fulfilling that innate human desire for constant change while following our natural ecosystems cycle of using “waste” and reusing it to grow and create

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